Lead Guitar and vocals

Me in 1966
Very poor right hand technique
A different style

I started playing guitar when I was about 11 by stealing upstairs into my sister's room and playing her guitar. I eventually got my first proper guitar when I was 15 and did my first gig at 17 at a pub called the Jewish Mother in Newcastle which was burnt down later that night, so I presume we were awful.

I played in various rock and blues bands in Newcastle including 'Push' & 'Have Some Chicken'. I also attended the 'Newcastle School of Music' where I achieved a Diploma in Music. During that time I was involved in all sorts of session work including shows, jazz and recording with The New Tyne Theatre Orchestra and Newcastle Metro Radio amongst others.

I moved to the South West in 1990 and started up a successful band called 'Louder Than Sparrows' with Frank Orrel (Bass), Steve Roth (Drums), Paul Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) and Brian 'Blind Bo' Waldron (Sax & Keys). We played around the rock venues in the area for what must be about 4 years before going our separate ways

Louder Than Sparrows

I then got a call from a couple of old friends from the School of Music in Newcastle (Shaun Geldart & Darren Bellas ) wanting me to go abroad and play in Hungary for a while, so we formed Hippopotamus, played in Torbay for a month and off we went. After a stint in Budapest we made our way across Europe to Alp D'Huez in France and played to the ski junkies for about 6 months.

On returning to the U.K., I joined a nice little trio called "Fresh", with Paul and Lyndsay. We played full time around holiday camps and clubs, developing a remarkable knowledge of the locations of all the late night coffee and snack retailers in Wales and the South West. When Lyndsay left to go solo Naomi was recruited. She was with us for about two years before leaving to join "Joey the Lips", who she is still with. The band continued for about another year with two more singers before moving on.

Fresh promo Time promo Third Dimension promo
I worked freelance for a while, you know "an axe for hire" type of thing - jazz, blues, rock.... whatever was on the other end of the phone really. Then in 2001 I decided to play bass in a band called Third Dimension with Pete Nixon, Duncan, Tara and Alan. After a little bit of tweaking, the introduction of Caroline with whom I'd played before, Neill on drums and finally Pete taking up bass and me back on guitar, we changed the name to 'Time'. This band went from strength to strength playing at functions and weddings. So much so that when Pete sadly decided to move on and form Junction5, the rest of us were determined to carry on. Consequently we took on Bruno - mainly for his boyish good looks - but also because he could play the bass a little, and formed the now very successful Cadence.

"A few more bald miserable Geordies is just what the south west music scene's been crying out for"

The Barracoodas:Jan 2006

When I was young and fit
Voice of an Angel
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