Drums and percussion

The Blue Tones -
Frank, Dave and Brenda
My Staccato kit in Jurex Jurex
I must get some skins
for these drums

Although my mum and dad were in a band - "The Blue Tones", and my brother and sister also played, I wasn't interested in playing an instrument.

When I was 21, my brother and sister's band Jade needed a drummer, so they asked me, the only flaw in this plan was that I had never played drums before! I had about 10 weeks to learn them from scratch, as we had bookings lined up in the summer. I used my Dad's old drum kit and he showed me the basics. I played along to records by Steely Dan, Toto, Roxy Music and Level 42. I was doing really well until, six weeks before the season started, I broke my right shoulder in a motorcycle accident . I thought that would be the end of my drumming career, however older siblings can be quite persuasive so I struggled through the summer playing with one arm.

After a year or so of using my Dad's drums, my brother saw the Staccato drum kit in a drum shop. That was when I bought my first drum kit which I played for the next 20 years.

During the next 7 years we played together in venues all over the South West and I drew from influences such as Jeff Pocaro, Andy Newmark, Stewart Copeland, Tony Thompson, Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta, until my sister decided she would go around the world on a back packing trip. We did try some other keyboard players, but it wasn't the same.

Over the next few years I played with some well-known local bands such as 'Jurex Jurex' (who I was with for 4 years) with Tony Shaw, Mark Shaw Roger & Andy, and REM tribute band 'Out of Time' with Steve, Julian & Dave.

During the four years I was playing with "Have I Got Blues For You?", with bass player Bruno, I acquired my present drum kit from pro-drummer Tim Sanders.


The blues band wasn't working much so I answered an advert in the free ads for a drummer with a band called "Time" which I joined and played in for 2 years. When the bass player left, the rest of the band decided to keep on playing. I called Bruno, who was happy to join us as the new bass player, and we formed a new band; The Cadence. I'm basically a self taught drummer with the help of my dad when I first started.

I have my own business fitting windows (N.C.Windows)

My brother and sister
with me on the bass
Jade - Ron, my sister Frances,
my brother Dave and me
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