Drums and percussion

Me and my brother
Yet more drum gurning
Pete and Sarah and myself
at the Exmouth Talent Show in 1999
Drivechain CDs on sale
My grandad had his own dance band with my uncle playing drums so I think it runs in the family. I started drumming aged 16 on a kit given to me by my uncle.
I had lessons for over 15 years and studied jazz, Latin/ Afro Cuban, rock & pop, metal, blues, drum n bass and reggae.
My main influences include Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tori Amos, Sia, Dream Theater, Ray LaMontagne and numerous others. I love different styles of music from jazz to metal and most things in between.
I started teaching professionally six years ago working in schools throughout Devon and a studio in Exeter.
My first gigging band was called The Ecru Stretch (sadly named after a pair of tights in an old Next catalogue).


I went on to play in Airfix, a local rock band. From there I joined a well received pop act called Shameless (named before the TV show) and we played numerous gigs around the South West and in London.
Interspersed between these original acts I've worked with various cover bands, something I've always enjoyed as much as creating my own music. These have included Outnumbered (named before the TV show) and a band called Ocean which struck a balance between originals and covers.
I first met guitarist Pete when I joined his trio, Fresh as part of the house band for the Exmouth talent show which I played in for 5 years, backing a variety of performers in their search for stardom.
I've also done a substantial amount of theatre work, playing with various Devon amateur dramatic societies playing shows and pantomimes.
Something I've also enjoyed over the years is the opportunity to 'dep' or stand in with other bands. This presents a challenge I love and have had the pleasure of working with bands such as Guesswork, (Exeter based reggae party band Melosa, and The Cadence.
My longest stint with a band was with a heavy rock group called Drivechain. We wrote our own music using a good mixture of technique, feel and some odd time signatures (something I love playing!). In 2009 after recording three self funded CDs and having a lot of fun, we went our separate ways and I joined Teignmouth based band Guesswork.
A chance meeting in the street with Pete from The Cadence ended up with an offer to join the band full-time, an offer I couldn't refuse having played with them on several occasions when Neill was unavailable. I knew there was lots of fun to be had!
Jamming with a Berber tribesman
near the Moroccan/Algerian border
in the Sahara
Drum gurning
My kit
Depping with The Cadence in 2007
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