Me aged 10 - on my 'grans' piano
With my daughters -
Danni and Jenny
There was an Englishman, Irishman ....
I was born into a musical family as my  late father was jazz saxophonist Bruce Turner (the Dirty Bopper), who recorded albums with Humphrey Lyttleton, Kenny Ball, George Melly and many other jazz greats. My vocal style is heavily influenced by the music and musicians that filled our home throughout my formative years.
  The Dirty Bopper

My first experience of singing was as a teenager in London folk clubs with my guitarist boyfriend at the time, covering songs by Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Billie Holiday. I moved to Devon and devoted my time to raising my daughters Danni and Jenny, both beautiful and talented musicians themselves.

I broke into the South Devon music scene by performing jazz and blues with a variety of local musicians before forming my own blues band called TURNER after my father. This paved the way for The C.T. Blues Band with some of the South West's most acclaimed jazz and blues players; Ricky Thorn, Pete 'Midnight', Nigel Pike and Dave Sheen.

The C.T. Blues Band

In the mid 90's I met Bass Player Frank Orrel (Ex - Louder Than Sparrows and also manager to 'Mad Dog McRea') whilst singing in a venue in Torquay. He in turn introduced me to guitarist Pete and we formed 'Strange Meeting', a Blues Rock outfit with a raw edge.

It was this meeting that led to my working with Pete on several projects culminating in joining up with him, Neill, Duncan and Pete Nixon in the successful function band 'Time'. This band became very popular with society functions and weddings, so much so that when Pete Nixon left we progressed even further with the now extremely renowned band 'The Cadence'.

I am currently working with saxophonist Jules Baker playing jazz/pop standards under the name - The Smooth Operators

My Dad - Bruce Turner
Time promo shot
With Frank Orrel (Strange Meeting)
Going through my Cher phase
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