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Me and Zoot
Kreem Krackered
Neill & myself discussing
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At home with the flowers
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I did my first gig aged 15 with "The Medallions", playing lead guitar on a Rossetti Airstream.

By 1966 I was playing with Bitta Sweet. We did mainly Shadow’s covers, some Beatles and early R&B. Al Atkins who played drums and sang lead vocal went on to become co-founder of Judas Priest with me. Brian Fieldhouse who played rhythm was a better guitarist than me, so when bass player Brian Pourney left, I went on to bass, playing a Futurama 6 string bass. However, the roadie trod on it and broke its neck! I bought a two year old Fender “P” which I still play today.
The Bitta Sweet
Al came off drums to concentrate on vocals. We supported acts such as David Bowie, Cat Steven and Robert Plant's Band of Joy. Musicians came and went but me and Al stuck together and met Pete Boot to form “Blue Condition” playing mainly rock and blues. I was heavily influenced at the time by Jack Bruce and John Entwhistle.
The Bitta Sweet Promo Jug Blues Band Promo
Eventually Pete left to join Extreem. Al and me formed Judas Priest (inspired by Bob Dylan's "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest) with Ernie Chattaway (formerly of “Earth” later called “Black Sabbath”) on guitar and John Partridge on drums.
Extreem and friends in 1970,
with myself and Al Atkins
when we were in Judas Priest.
After Priest split I joined a soul band, The Roy Gee Explosion and went to Denmark for 3 months. When we returned I found Al had reformed Priest with K.K. Downing, Ian Hill & John Ellis (but that's another story). After a year I left the soul band and formed Bullion with Pete Boot, a great live touring band but a recording deal always eluded us. Pete left Bullion to join Budgie and recorded “In For The Kill”.

Bullion struggled on but never quite got it right. When Bullion split, Pete had left Budgie, Al had left Priest so what more could you want? With Harry Tonks on guitar, Lion was formed. If you asked any member of Lion they would say it was the best rock band they had ever worked with. Even today people remember Lion with great affection. We toured consistently but that recording deal eluded us again and sadly we split. I joined a band called “Warhead” doing original material but when our P.A. was stolen we had to fold.

At this point I got a bit fed up with the rock scene and gave it a rest. I spent my weekends fishing and boating. But eventually I got twitchy fingers and joined up with Checka on vocals and acoustic guitar and Kevin on drums to form the Wazzocks, a great pub band who spent all our money on booze, great times. We were joined by Joe Ellis on guitar, a great country and blues player.

At this point I decided to move to Devon and played with The Undertakers for almost 5 months. Then I joined the Exeter Collins band, doing the country circuits for almost 18 months. When they split due to financial problems, I joined up with Clive Chaplin, a fine blues guitarist to form “Have I Got Blues For You”. After a succession of drummers Neill joined and stayed with us for about four years, after which he left to join "Time" as we weren’t doing much work. Just before Christmas Neill said that they were having problems with the bass player, who I think is a great bloke (for leaving). I was officially offered the job and took it. The band was re-launched as The Cadence in February 2005.

Pete Boot has been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s disease and does a yearly charity event “Fill your head with Rock. About two years ago we reformed Lion at F.Y.H.W.R. and played a couple of numbers....still got the spark on stage!

Judas Priest in 1969
Lion's Reunion Gig in 2002
Sampling the local ale
at Powderham castle
The Cadence at B.M.A.D
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